Russia to Start Modernized Mi-26T2 Helicopter Exports in 2015

August 6, 2014

Russia plans to begin supplies of modernized Mi-26T2 multi-purpose transport helicopters, including to foreign customers, next year, the head of the government supplies department at Russian Helicopters, Aleksei Putintsev, says

Putintsev said: “If supplies are to start, they will begin in 2015. The supplies for the Defense Ministry are carried out under the state defense order. Mi-26T2 is planned for exports.”

The trials of the modernized version of the world’s largest serial transport helicopter are expected to be completed this year, he added.

The helicopter’s modernized version is fitted with a new BREO-26 avionics suite and glass cockpit with five multifunctional LCD displays, new digital autopilot, and NAVSTAR/GLONASS supported navigation system.

Mi-26T2 can operate in any part of the world and may significantly increase the combat readiness of Russia’s Armed Forces.

The helicopter Mi-26T2 can transport various cargos up to 20 tons and carry 82 paratroops. The latest avionics suite fitted also makes it possible to reduce the number of crew members from 5 to 2 people, plus an operator should the external sling be in use.

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