Russian Helicopters To Share Experience Of Operating Ka-32A11BC And Mi-171A1 In Latin America

August 14, 2014

Russian Helicopters Press Release – Russian Helicopters, a subsidiary of Oboronprom, part of State Corporation Rostec, will showcase new and innovative models of helicopters at the Latin American exhibition and business aviation conference LABACE 2014 (Latin American Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition), to be held from August 12 to 14 in São Paulo, Brazil. Experts and representatives of regional operators will share their experience of operating Russian helicopters Mi-171A1 and Ka-32A11BC, which have already been used effectively in South America for a wide range of tasks.

The Mi-171A1 helicopter – one of the modifications of the popular Mi-8/17 series – received approval in the form of certification by the Brazil Aircraft Register in 2005. The Mi-171A1 won a tender from the Brazilian national oil company Petrobras, and is used as a transport helicopter in remote areas of the Amazon basin by Atlas Taxi Aereo. Until the end of this year, this Brazilian fleet operator gained another reliable and economical helicopter.

“Our company uses the multirole Mi-171A1 for work in support of the operations of Brazilian oil company Petrobras,” said CEO and co-owner of Atlas Taxi Aéreo, Waldomiro F. Da Silva Junior. “These helicopters are perfect for the climatic conditions in the Amazon region, as they are able to fly in 45-degree heat and almost 100 percent humidity.”

The legendary Mi-8/17 series is a clear favorite in the corporate and VIP transport market. Its spacious cabin offers unique possibilities for tailored fitting-out and finishing and provides the greatest possible comfort for passengers. In August 2013, Russian Helicopters received additional certification for the Mi-171, designed for corporate and VIP transportation. Additional equipment has been installed to maximise the level of comfort even for long flights.

The Ka-32A11BC multirole helicopter is a recognized leader in its class. The Brazilian company Helipark Taxi Aéreo has operated the Ka-32A11BC since 2012. The helicopter is used for the transport of industrial cargo on an external sling, but also has a number of additional capabilities. Ka-32A11BC’s coaxial rotors offer advantages in precision hovering and manoeuvrability that are needed when performing complex assembly operations, such as the construction of power lines in the Amazon basin. The Ka-32A11BC has proven itself as an effective firefighting helicopter. It is able to put out fire using a horizontal water cannon and Bambi-Buckets.

“The Ka-32A11BC helicopter has unique characteristics for its class, able to perform effectively all the tasks that we require,” said Helipark Taxi Aéreo president João Velloso. “Of particular note is the reliability of the helicopter; it has never failed us.”

Russian Helicopters will present exhibitors and visitors with new and promising models of helicopters from its product line. One of these is the multirole Mi-171A2. This helicopter combines the traditional advantages of the Mi-8/17 series with the latest technology, offering customers even more opportunities. Thanks to a whole variety of innovations, the helicopter’s flight capabilities have been significantly improved, including greater range, cruising speed and lift capacity, while noise levels have been significantly reduced. Modern complex avionics reduces pilots’ workload and makes flying more efficient.

Russian Helicopters annually reports steady growth in demand for its products in the South American market, which is one of the fastest growing in the world. At the beginning of 2014, Russian Helicopters’ fleet production exceeded 400 units. Today, Russian Helicopters is widely represented in the class of commercial helicopters, with a maximum take-off weight of 10 to 20 tonnes, taking up a 77 percent stake in the regional fleet in this segment. Russian helicopters are used for military purposes in a number of countries in Latin America, and make up the basis of army aviation fleets. Participation in the LABACE 2014 exhibition will allow Russian Helicopters to introduce the latest Russian helicopter sectors to regional partners in Latin America and the Caribbean, strengthening mutually beneficial cooperation and establishing new business contacts.

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