The Mil – Mi-171A2

The Mi-171’s versatility and high performance characteristics made it the first popular helicopter in the world.¬†Over 11,000 Mi-8/Mi-17 helicopters have been produced to date and are in service in over 80 countries.

A Snapshot of the Mil – Mi-171A2

The Mi-171 medium multi purposes helicopter a modernization of the Mi-8. Its versatility and high performance characteristics made it the first popular helicopter in the world. Over 11,000 Mi-8/Mi-17 helicopters have been produced to date and they are in service in 80 countries. It is one of the most successful, reliable and durable medium multifunctional helicopters with thousands of these units operating 100 million flying hours.

This is a helicopter that you can rely on in all latitudes, from freezing cold of Antarctica to the scorching heat of Africa - where the UN on many everyday missions uses it.

Design Features:

  1. Flight and climbing with one failed and one working engine, all the main hydraulic systems are duplicated, deicing, fire protection, emergency locator, high passenger cabin ceiling 1.8m, absorption pilot seats, two flame proof GT40PCH8V generators, engine starting without ground APU unit

Baseline Configuration:

Fuselage Construction:
  • Increased strength aluminum alloy metal fuselage with highly effective corrosion resistant coating
Landing Gear:
  • Three point fixed absorptive wheel HD landing gear five interchangeable blades with titanium edge tips and vibration damper
Fuselage Construction:
  • TV3 -117VM 2200hp or VK 2500 2700hp with FADEC system
  • Up to 37 passengers (in military or emergency version)
  • Standard Russian avionics and instrumentation with BAE Systems
  • North America engine parameters display
  • Full western avionics available as an option with
    • IRF
    • ATC
    • VFR
    • VOR
    • ILS
    • GPS
    • Doppler radar
Rotor System:
  • Rescue hoist
  • Cargo ramp
  • Dolphin nose
  • Sling oad, heating
  • AC
  • Pneumatic floats
  • Additional fuel tanks.
Optional Use:
  • Agriculture
  • Police
  • TV
  • Offshore transport
  • Tourism


  • Can carry up to 4000 kg inside of the spacious 27m3 cabin, or 4000 kg on outside sling
Passenger Carrying:
  • Transportation up to 26 persons in airliner surrounding
  • Large square windows
  • Luggage compartment
  • Lavatory
  • AC system
  • Low level of noise and vibration
VIP and Corporate:
  • Up to 14 passengers in high comfort with steward
  • Audio/video
  • Satellite communication
  • Highest quality materials
  • High level of noise and vibration suppression
Search & Rescue (SAR):
  • Two external hoists 150 kg and 270 kg or 300kg for rescue baskets, 12 stretchers, NVG, FLIR, PA system, pneumatic emergency floats
  • Doppler weather radar
  • Additional navigation
  • Infrared search camera system and evacuation capability of up to 37 persons
  • Hoist
  • Universal lifting seat or a rescue cradle
  • Cargoes or causalities can be taken aboard of the helicopter
  • Up to 12 stretchers for injured people can be installed inside the cargo cabin
Fire Fighting:
  • Bambi bucket 3500 L or VSU 5
  • 4000L water drain system
  • Transportation of up to 37 firefighters with equipment, lifting personal equipment, oxygen system
  • Optional Simplex system for horizontal fire fighting in high-rise buildings
  • Can pick up water from an open reservoir, carry 4.5 cubic meters of water and discharge it in 15 seconds
  • Dropping system provides a descent of firemen in hard-to-reach places without helicopter landing
  • (*** NEEDS LATEST DATA ***)
Cargo and Passenger
(Mi-171A/Mi-171A1 - Brazil Certificate):
  • Created for the operation of civil aviation (for passengers and VIP-persons as well as cargo transportation)
  • Developed with the priority of matters concerning safety and certification
  • Transportation of up to 37 firefighters with equipment, lifting personal equipment, oxygen system
  • Meet the maximum conformity of design for FAR-29 and JAR-29 aviation rules
  • Received approval of type certification in the Aviation Registrar of Brazil (CTA), requirements of which correspond to FAR-29
  • Model Mi-171A1 (Transport Category A and B Helicopter), approved 10 June 2005
  • Model Mi-171A1 is approved for VFR and IFR day and night flight conditions, operations over water and land surfaces, in icing conditions, for passengers and cargo transportation
Cargo and Passenger
(Mi-171M - under development):
  • Being designed for maximum efficiency, modernization, safety, and environment in mind
  • It will feature the more powerful VK-2500 engines for higher ceilings and heavier lifting
  • The crew will be reduced from the current 3 down to 2 reducing operation costs


Take-off Weight:
7,489 kg
12,000 kg
Empty Weight:
Cargo Compartment Dimensions:
Dimensions of Airframe:
Diameter of Main Rotor:
Number of Blades:
Main Rotor:
Combat Troops:
27 (37 optional)
Passenger Seated:
Medical Stretchers:
Operational Activities:
  • Cargo Transport
  • Firefighting
  • Flying Crane
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Military
  • Passenger Transport
  • SAR (Search & Rescue)
  • Flying Hospital
Optional Configuration:
  • Cargo Ramp
  • Dolphin Nose


Load-Carrying Capacity:
In Cargo:
4,000 kg
On External Sling:
4,000 kg
Crusing Speed:
230 km/h
Ceiling Under ISA Conditions:
Hovering OGE (min):
Service (min):
6,000 m (19,690 ft)
Powerplant: TV3-117VM
Fuel Consumption:
0.21 kg/hp*h
Service Life:
1500 h
2200 h.p.
With Max. Fuel:
610 km
With 4 Extra Tanks:
1470 km
Maximum Flight Duration:

Mi-17V-7 Variant:

Powerplant: VK-2500 (optional)
Fuel Consumption:
0.21 kg/hp*h
Service Life:
1500 h
2700 h.p.

Mi-17-V5 Variant:

Optional Configuration:
Cargo Ramp
Medical (stretchers):

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